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NOTE: We are going to retire from regular camera business.  We may still put out a small catalog from time to time, but not nearly as large or as often as before.  The time has come to sit back and relax.  It has been great doing business with many of you for almost 40 years, and hopefully we can continue in the future as I do it as a hobby and not as a serious business.



All cameras come with full return privileges, and may be returned for any reason, without question if you are not satisfied.  Please add postage to all prices.  Where possible, references are given to pictures of cameras shown in major books on photographica.  The primary books used are: Michel Auer’s three books, "von Daguerre bis Heute" volumes I,II, and III by H.D. Abring, "A Century of Cameras" by Eaton Lothrop, "Photographica" by Matthew Isenberg, "Cameras" by Brian Coe, "Histoire de la Camera Cine" by Michel Auer and Michelle Ory, "Leica Illustrated Guide" volumes I & II, by James Lager, "Contax Geschichte" volumes I & II, by Hans-Jürgen Kuc, "Ariel Cinematographica Register" volumes I & II, by Pete Ariel, "Nagel und Kodak Kameras" by Karl Otto Kemmler, "Lea’s Register" by Rudolph Lea, "The Collector’s Guide to Japanese Cameras" by Koichi Sugiyama and Hiroaki Naoi, "Canon Rangefinder Cameras" by Peter Dechert, Exakta Cameras 1933-1978 by Hove Photo Books, and "Ihagee 35mm Exaktas and Exas" by Norlin Rober.


Please include shipping instructions with all orders.  The U.S. Post Office no longer offers sea mail shipment.  Packages of less that 4 pounds can be shipped by First Class Mail International, but cannot be insured.  If the package weighs more than 4 pounds, or if insurance is desired, it must be shipped by Priority Mail International.  Payment can be made by personal check (drawn on US bank only), bank draft, postal money order, PayPal, Western Union wire transfer or cash sent by registered letter.



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August 30, 2011